Who is the design Geezer?

I’m a self-taught bloke who loves graphic design; creating good looking images & building websites; my background is solely one within the print & promotional industry.
I got my first real taste of digital design back in the early ’90s, with the introduction of CAD machinery into my workplace. This led me to discover a wide range of graphic design software programs, like Corel draw, adobe illustrator and photoshop; for creating logo’s, ready for garment printing.
Moving on 9 years, I started to learn about the internet, HTML coding and how to build web pages.
Since then I have built numerous websites using a wide variety of platforms; both on my own and with other developers.
Today, I mainly build websites using WordPress and Woo-commerce, as I feel they offer the greatest range of options and applications for modern-day internet browsing.

So what makes me different from other web designers?

  • Practical – As well as digital design I have a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience in manufacturing & production.
  • e-commerce – From building websites, to physically making items, product photography and listing them for sale – I know how to run an online store from the ground up!
  • Promotion – I know how to set-up google ads, research & target keywords and write SEO friendly pages to help pages rank higher.
design geezer with coffee

Professional Looking Websites, Graphic design & SEO services without the Price Tag or Fancy Nonsense.

If you like boardroom meetings, pointless PowerPoint presentations or endless pages of statistics, I’m probably not the right guy for you. 
However if you like the sound of someone that can talk the talk, is approachable and who will never sell you short i’m certainly worth a call.
When you hire me you’ll not only get a good all-round guy who loves design. But someone who is Honest, straight-talking and happy to go the extra mile in providing the best they have to offer to help you succeed online with my design & SEO skills.
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